Zip Care™ Liquid Zip Cleaner & Lubricant

    Easy Maintenance for Commonly Stuck Zips.  

    McNett Zip Care™ is an easy-to-use liquid zip lubricant and cleaner that helps prevent stuck zips and costly zip repairs. It removes harmful dirt, sand and salt deposits from zip sliders, while leaving behind a lubricant that’s not messy like other formulas. After one application, those trouble zips will be oh so easy to slide.

    • Dual-applicator brush top
    • Contains no silicone
    • Biodegradable

    Life’s too short to waste time yanking on stuck zips, use Zip Care.

    Ideal for:

    • Plastic zips
    • Tent zips
    • Backpack zips
    • Sleeping bag zips
    • Bivy sack zips
    • Jacket zips
    • Wader zips


    Regular cleaning and lubrication helps zips last the lifetime of the suit.




    Zip Care™ is part of the McNett M ESSENTIALS™ product range.


    Prior to application, unzip garment and use brush, with cap in closed position, to remove sand, mud and other debris.

    Remove grit from brush before lubricating zip.

    Open cap and brush generous amount of Zip Care onto zip teeth.

    Reapply regularly, especially before storage periods.

    Close cap and rinse brush after use.

    FOR BEST RESULTS: Use Zip Care in conjunction with Zip Tech™ or Max Wax™ Zip Lubricants.








    “An excellent cleaner and lubricant, all in one.” – ‘drysuit diver’, Pennsylvania

    “One bottle that has a nice brush on the top. The zipper being the big care item of the dry suit it requires a good product. Brush and lube in one convient bottle….this seems to work well.”– Thomas W.

    “A great product that is very easy to use. This stuff is awesome.”– Lien N.

    “Great zipper cleaner and lube. Good value and convenient size.”– Alison K.

    “I recently returned from a canoe trip in Alaska where we were hit by a mini-tornado with winds of about 80 mph. One tarp zipper refused to close. When I returned home, I sent the tarp back to Dan Cooke (Cooke Custom Sewing) for repair. Dan simply replaced the slider and enclosed a bottle of McNett Zip Care. I was not familiar with this product. I cleaned the zipper teeth per instructions and applied the Zip Care. This product really works! I was able to restore the zippers to like new. I heartily recommend Zip Care and I will include it in my Canoecopia presentations for 2010.” -Cliff Jacobson Outdoors Writer and Canoeing & Camping Consultant Member



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