Iron Mend™ Fabric Repair Kit for Wet Suits and Waders

    With Iron Mend™ you can fix rips, holes and tears on anything made of Neoprene.


    Iron-on repair fabric. Provides strong, flexible, permanent repairs for Neoprene. Lined with Barritex™ for extra abrasion resistance. Iron Mend may be used to repair neoprene dry suits, wet suits, waders, Neoprene gloves and boots, orthopedic supports and lycra body suits. Hundreds of uses including personal “I.D.” marking and numbering systems. Includes: 254 x 150 mm Knee-Pad Patch, Reusable Heat Shielding and Detailed Instructions.

    • REPAIRS IN SECONDS with your ordinary household iron.
    • PROTECTS AGAINST ABRASION with BARRITEX™ protective lining.
    • STRETCH FABRIC. Allows flexibility and comfort.
    • INCREASES GARMENT LIFE. Protects your investment.
    • HEAT PROTECTION with reusable heat shielding paper.

    BARRITEX™ Protective Lining is an abrasion resistant yet flexible and waterproof substrate which is an integral part of IRON MEND™ repair fabric for Neoprene. The BARRITEX™ layer is “sandwiched” between IRON MEND™s nylon fabric surface and its bottom layer of urethane adhesive. BARRITEX™ is designed to help increase Neoprene life especially when IRON MEND™ is used to protect against abrasion.

    IRON MEND™ Heat Shielding Paper is a unique reusable and heat stable paper used to protect Neoprene garments from excessive heat. IRON MEND™ Heat Shielding Paper allows heat to pass through its surface yet it creates a buffer to help prevent scorching of fabric. IRON MEND™ should not be used without heat shielding paper. The full sheet of our shielding paper should be used during all IRON MEND™ repairs (regardless of repair size) to help protect surrounding Neoprene from potential damage from overheating.

    Iron Mend™is part of the McNett M ESSENTIALS™ product range.



    11. Wash Neoprene article with McNett Wet & Dry Suit Shampoo and allow to completely dry.

    2. Pre-heat iron. Set iron temperature to ACRYLIC setting. Note: This setting may be LOW or DELICATE on some irons. Do not use steam or travel size irons.



    3. Cut Iron Mend with scissors to overlap damaged 2area by 20 mm.

    4. Put damaged garment on firm, flat surface prior to repairing. Place Iron Mend patch over the damaged area with the urethane coating face down. Place full sheet Iron Mend heat shielding paper carefully over Iron Mend patch.



    5. With preheated iron, press Iron Mend down with 3firm even pressure for 10 seconds. Lift and rotate iron and apply for 10 seconds. Allow repair to cool for a few minutes before testing for secure adhesion.

    6. Some repairs may require a second heat application process with more pressure.










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