B.C. Life™ Cleaner & Conditioner for B.C.D.s

    The Ideal Cleaning and Maintenance System for Your BCD 

    The more you dive, the more your buoyancy compensator device – or BCD – is exposed to salt, chlorine and organic compounds that can damage it, inside and out.

    B.C. Life™ makes it quick and easy to clean and condition all types of BCDs. This complete and balanced maintenance system effectively removes salt and chlorine crystals from the inside of the bladder and breaks down salt and chlorine on the outside, too. With its silicone conditioning formula, BC Life extends the life of all BCD parts, from rubber fittings and valves to the shell. It’s safe to use on all dive equipment and scuba gear.

    Regular BCD cleaning and conditioning is important. And with BC Life Cleaner & Conditioner, it’s easier than ever to keep dive equipment cleaner and make it last longer.

    • Cleaning and maintenance system for all types of buoyancy compensator devices
    • Removes salt and chlorine crystals from BCDs
    • Silicone conditioners leave plastic and rubber parts conditioned
    • Safe to use on all dive equipment and scuba equipment
    • Kills bacteria

    B.C. Life™ is part of the McNett M ESSENTIALS™ product range.



    1B.C. Life™ removed 4 tablespoons of salt from one B.C. (left) – some of the crystals were 25 mm wide! Salt crystals will abrade your B.C. bladder, hoses, O-rings and valves, irreversibly damaging this vital piece of equipment. Clean your B.C. regularly with B.C. Life to preserve and condition the shell, interior lining, hose and valves and to eliminate damaging salt crystals.


    2STEP 1:
    Pour 4 capfuls (30 ml) of B.C. Life into the mouthpiece, pressing the oral inflate button with your thumb.





    3STEP 2:
    Fill B.C. with fresh water and shake to mix
    with B.C. Life. Turn B.C. upside down and sideways
    to thoroughly clean all chambers.



    4STEP 3:
    Soak B.C. in 30 ml B.C. Life to 4 litres
    water for 10 minutes to clean exterior. Rinse interior and exterior thoroughly. Hang B.C. partially inflated in a cool, dry place to air dry.






    Paddlesports Tip

    Kayak cockpits are notorious for cutting into spray skirts and causing exterior cracking. Apply spot applications of Aquaseal to permanently repair and protect both the interior and exterior.



    Rebonding Soles

    Use Freesole® to permanently re-bond a peeling boot sole. First remove loose dirt and debris and then clean the area with rubbing alcohol and a stiff brush. Apply Freesole to the sole evenly.



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